Our meats


We are the only storefront in the Northeast serving all-natural, grass-fed and USDA approved biltong that is freshly cut and prepared to exacting preferences. 

Our premium biltong is American-made and produced using family spice recipes and curing techniques that have been perfected over generations, including hanging the fine beef cuts to naturally cure to maintain the meat’s natural tender flavor. 

Biltong is ideal for any gourmand whose refined palate appreciates the tender flavors of beef without unnecessary additives. A fresher and healthier alternative to beef jerky that is more similar in quality to a steakhouse cut; our products are ideal for the health-conscious consumer and a variety of high protein diets including keto, paleo and Whole30. All products are sugar and chemical free and are not cured using sodium nitrates.

Our biltong cuts and flavors:

  • Traditional vs. Lean: Our traditional cut includes a thin layer of fat, keeping the meat slightly more moist, whereas the lean cut does not. 
  • Wet vs. Dry: “Wet” biltong is cured a few days less than the “dry” biltong, resulting in a slightly more tender slice of meat.
  • Whole slab, slices or chunks: We freshly cut the biltong to your specification by hand or using our traditional biltong cutter.
  • Specialty Aged Biltong: A true delicacy that can only be found at New York Biltong, our aged biltong is produced using the finest grade of meat. It is twice as thick as the common slabs of biltong and finely cut in prosciutto-style slices. 
  • Biltong Sticks & Chili Sticks: Thinly cut lean beef strips that are slightly drier and chewier than the traditional biltong cut. Kick up the heat with our chili flavor that is marinaded of a variety of chilies and spices.  

Sausages (Droëwors & Boerewors)

Droëwors simply translates to “dried sausage”. All of our droëwors are made with the finest cuts of beef and naturally cured and hung to air dry, similar to biltong. Our droëwors are available in two flavors - original and spicy. The original flavor uses a mix of seasonings with notes of coriander, whereas we use chili notes to kick up the heat with our spicy flavor. They are about the thickness of a nickel and make the perfect snap, when you eat them. Even our consumers pet companions love them!

Boerewors, on the other hand, is a “farmers sausage” and is made from minced meat that is seasoned with a blend of spices ranging from coriander to nutmeg. Our consumers can select from two different blends - pure beef and beef & pork. We sell the boerewors in 1-2lb. coils that are perfect for the grill with a side of chutney. We also offer the beef & pork blend in individual links, or as we call them, “bangers”, that are the perfect pairing with breakfast.

Special Handling for Preservation

Our meats are all natural, chemical & preservative free, so it is important that our products are appropriately stored and handled to maintain the freshness and taste. 

Please ensure that our products are kept refrigerated upon delivery. We recommend ordering for timely consumption. If you do not plan on eating the meat within a few days, we recommend portioning the meat into individual serving sizes and freezing them.

New York Biltong cannot be held liable for product, once it has been opened from the original packaging. 

Do not hesitate to contact us with any additional handling questions.