Refund Policy

Biltong is an all natural, perishable product and therefore should be refrigerated upon receipt to avoid going moldy.

We do not accept responsibility for losses incurred if perishables are not stored in the prescribed manner upon receipt or where an incorrect shipping address is provided or where no one is available to receive a shipped package. 

Due to the nature of perishable products, refunds or replacement orders will only be accepted if a complaint is made within 24 hours of delivery, and the product is photographed in its original packaging to demonstrate there has not been any tampering or mishandling of the product. Please refer to Our Meats page to learn how to best handle our perishable products.

We take great care in how we package our orders to ensure perishable products do not spoil. For any issues pertaining to shipping delays, damaged product, or lost packages, please contact UPS directly with the tracking number provided. To receive a refund for a lost or damaged package, claims must be submitted directly to UPS, as we do not accept liability for issues the package encounters in transit with UPS.